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Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Center of Pioneer Valley
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2022-02-03 talk: finding (moments of) ease in the midst of it all 41:35
Jill Shepherd
Exploring how we get caught in busyness, stress and overwhelm, withsuggestions for helping to find moments of ease and equanimity in the midst of it all

2022-02-03 meditation: orienting to ease 28:05
Jill Shepherd
Beginning by establishing awareness of the body, then connecting with breathing and opening to spaciousness and ease

2014-08-20 As Dawn before Sunrise: 7 conditions for the arising of the 8-fold Path 53:00
Akincano Marc Weber
Exposition of S 45, 49-62 / S v 29-32: Seven keys to the arising of the Eightfold Path. A teaching outside of the famous Buddhist charts and yet more than pertinent to the development of the Gradual Path.

2011-07-24 Mindfulness for Anxiety and Trauma 44:41
Amita Schmidt
Some basic strategies on using mindfulness to help with anxiety and trauma.

2007-09-08 Mindfulness of Depression 51:51
Amita Schmidt
Ways to use mindfulness to help with depression.

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